Creating Assignments On zzac

Creating Assignments On zzac

Have you ever wanted to make sure your students are following the class, but don’t have the class time to walk them through every step? zzac has your back! Our Assignments feature makes it easier than ever to keep your personal finance, investing, economics, or social studies class engaged, and keep track of your whole class all in one place!

What Is An Assignment?

assignment introAn assignment is a list of tasks that you can add to your tournament. Some of the tasks are purely educational (like reading an article about what a Stock is), some are instructive to zzac (like watching a video on how to trade mutual funds in their virtual portfolio), and some are purely experiential (place 10 stock trades, or use our Compound Interest Calculator to solve a quiz).

Regardless of the type of assignment, once you create it, all your student’s progress will appear on your Report Card for this assignment, and your students can see all their tasks (and their own progress) on their “My Portfolio” page. You can also have more than one assignment at a time, it is not limited to one assignment per class contest.

If you haven’t already, to create your own custom stock contest! You can add our recommended assignment right away, or create your own later.

What can I add to my class Assignments?

When you create your assignment, you can choose one of our recommended “Defaults” (Economics, Personal Finance, Business, Social Studies, or Math), or create your own from scratch. If you choose one of the defaults, you can still tweak it so it fits your class perfectly.

Here is the current list of Assignment tasks, but we are adding more over time based on teacher feedback.

There are 4 types of assignment items: Articles, Activities, Videos, and Trading.

  • Articles are short articles, between 500 and 2000 words, about specific topics in personal finance, business, and economics. Students are expected to read the article and answer a short 3-5 question quiz at the end (they can re-try the quiz until they get a perfect score).
  • Activities are a lot like articles, but with an interactive activity instead of just reading. These include building a budget, planning on saving $1,000,000 by retirement, buying a car, and more.
  • Videos are tutorials showing students how to use the HTMW website and get started making their first trades.
  • Trading requires your students to make certain types of trades, like buying 10 stocks or using a Limit Order.

If you would like an answer key with all the questions, answers, and descriptions for the quizzes, please use the live chat on this page, use our , or send us email () to request it from our support team. We need to verify you are actually a teacher to send you the answer key, but this takes just a few seconds.


These are the articles in our education center that you can add to your Assignment.

Stock Market Basics

Intermediate Investing Tips

  • Why is it called “Wall Street”? (View)
  • What is the New York Stock Exchange? (View)
  • What is the Dow-Jones Industrial Average? (View)
  • What is an ETF? (View)
  • What is a Mutual Fund? (View)

Articles for Middle School Classes

  • Using Excel to track your stock portfolio (View)
  • Percents, Fractions, and Ratios (View)

Personal Finance

  • What is an Income Statement? (View)
  • What is a Balance Sheet? (View)
  • Spending and Savings Plans (View)
  • Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings & Loan Institutions (View)
  • What are Financial Records? (View)
  • Using Credit (View)
  • Credit Reports (View)
  • Budgeting (View)
  • Credit Cards (View)
  • Tax Filing and the 1040-EZ (View)


  • What is the Federal Reserve? (View)
  • Stock Market Crash of 1929 (View)
  • Comparative Economic Systems (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism) (View)
  • Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Unemployment) (View)
  • Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market (View)
  • The Business Cycle (View)
  • What are Price Controls (View)


  • Accounting – Financial Analysis Through Key Ratios (View)
  • Management – Forms of Business Ownership (View)

We also have over 600 articles and glossary terms in our Education Center that are designed specifically for students who are learning the basics of personal finance and investing, plus some resources for people trying to start investing on their own.


These are personal finance activities that you can add to your class assignment.

  • Compound Interest Calculator (View)
  • Investment Return Calculator (View)
  • Saving to be a Millionaire (View)
  • Building a Home Budget (View)
  • Credit Card Payments Calculator (View)
  • Compare Buy vs Lease (View)
  • Plan a Car Loan (View)
  • Find your Net Worth (View)

Learn About The Site – Videos

All of these items have students watch videos about using zzac. These videos are great if you don’t have a lot of class time to walk your class through every part of the site; instead you can have them watch these videos as a homework assignment. The videos that are part of assignments include:

  • Navigating The Site (this is the longest video, it covers all the different pages and some of the tools we have for students)
  • Trading Stocks
  • Trading Mutual Funds
  • Managing Your Portfolio
  • Investment Research

We also have additional videos showing you how to , how to register, and even how to create an assignment! All the videos can be found in our .

Building Your Portfolio – Trading

  • Buy US Stocks
  • Buy Mutual Funds
  • Place a Market Order
  • Place a Limit Sell Order
  • Short a Stock
  • Buy Canadian stocks
  • Place a Good-Till-Cancel order
  • Make X number of total trades

Great! How do I create an Assignment?

You can create your assignment on the My Contests page, just click “Manage Assignments” to get to the assignment administration for your contest:

assignment location

On the Manage Assignments page, click “Create New Assignment”. Make sure you have the right class selected!

assignment create

From here, you need to give your assignment a name, then choose which items to include and how many. You can also set the “Start” and “End” dates – your students will only be able to make progress on the assignment between these dates (but you can see their progress even after the end date).

We have recommended default values in place based on teacher suggestions, but feel free to tailor your assignment to your class’s needs!

How Can My Students Follow Their Progress?

Once you have created an assignment, your students will have a progress bar on their My Portfolio page

assignment rhp

By clicking “Click Here To View Assignments” they will get a list of their assignments, along with details about what they need to do to finish that task:

assignment progress

How can I track my students’ progress?

Once your students have started completing items, its easy to follow who has done what! Back on your “Manage Assignments” page, just open up the “Report Card” to get an overview of the entire class. Be sure to select the right contest and right assignment:

assignment report

You can see each student’s individual progress on each assignment item by clicking “Details”:

assignment view

You can also export your entire class’s progress to Excel.

What if I want to have my students do different assignments throughout the semester?

You can create as many new assignments as you want in the same contest! Just create a new assignment and give it a new name, and it will start tracking a whole new set of tasks! This way you can have your students read some articles, watch some videos, and place a few trades one week, then read different articles, use some calculators, and place more trades the next week.

If you have more than one assignment active at a time, your students can switch between them at the progress bar on the right side of each page.

Note: If you have more than one contest active at a time, your students’ actions will only save to their active assignment (the one they have set on their Open Positions page). This means that no actions will count for 2 assignments at once.

Can I remove an Assignment?

Sure! If you want to remove an assignment because you made a mistake while creating it, or its “due date” has passed, simply go to your “Manage Assignments” page and select “View Assignment”, which is the middle tab:

assignment create

Make sure that you have the correct assignment selected, then click “Remove Assignment” at the bottom of the page.


Once an assignment has been removed, it cannot be recovered. This means that the report card and all students’ progress will be lost, so make note of it before removing an assignment.

If you have questions about the upcoming assignments, use the chat menu at the bottom of the screen to ask our support staff!

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